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This Membership was created for artists and crafters to build a community designed to inspire and encourage people of all experience levels in art. A place where you can take affordable courses to explore your inner artist without fear or guilt. A place to practice and show up for your creative self. Gain full access to all alcohol ink, watercolor, resin, and jewelry courses! That's a crazy price! That gives you creative access to over $1249 worth of courses! Plus it will include New Monthly Courses!

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  • $15/Month USD Or Save Even more with the Yearly Membership!

  • ACCESS TO OVER $1249.97 worth of courses!

  • Includes FULL ACCESS to all of Kellie's single courses.

  • Includes Alcohol Ink, Watercolor, Resin, and Jewelry Courses

  • Early access to new videos and courses.

  • New Courses Added each year!

  • Access ends when subscription ends.

  • You keep access to any courses you purchase separately.

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