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  • Is this course Live or Pre-recorded?

    The course videos have been pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace. If you have any questions along the way you can ask them in the Discussion section of each lecture.

  • How long do I have to watch the course?

    This course has lifetime access. You can watch the course at any time and always pop in for a refresher.

  • Will I need a lot of different materials?

    Basic materials are needed for this watercolor course. Watercolor Paper, Paints, and a few brushes will do. There is a full supply list in the course for a few extra tools that I'll be using but are not necessary to complete the painting.

Course curriculum

This course is a quick project based course for beginners!

  • 1

    Watercolor Lupine Field INFORMATION

    • Introduction and Preview

    • Welcome to the Lupine Fields Course!

    • How to sign in once you purchase your course and post discussions in the group.

    • Lupine Fields Watercolor Supply List

    • Printable Lupines Painting

  • 2

    Let's begin painting!

    • Let's begin by masking in some areas of your painting.

    • Creating a light first wash

    • Layering more color and details as your painting starts to dry.

    • Second wash over the sky to darken it.

    • Final Details

  • 3

    Share your project with the group!

    • Hope you enjoyed this exercise, now it's time for you to start painting.

  • 4

    Classic Course Bonus - Beginner Lupin Scene

    • Lupine Intro

    • Lupines_Lesson 1 (Materials)

    • Lupines - Lesson 2 (Drawing)

    • Lupines - Lesson 3 (Painting sky)

    • Lupines - Lesson 4 Water Background

    • Lupines - Lesson 5 (Trees)

    • Lupines - Lesson 6 (Sand)

    • Lupines - Lesson 7 (Grass)

    • Lupines - Lesson 8 (Adding Flowers)

    • Lupines - Lesson 9 (Detailing Flowers)

    • Lupines - Lesson 10 (Final Details)

    • Can't wait to see your painting project!

Your Instructor

Simple Living Debt Free Artist/Instructor

Kellie Chasse

Kellie Chasse is a Debt-Free, Simple living Lake Life Artist, Content Creator, Art Influencer, and online instructor from Maine! Kellie Has over 50K students on Udemy, Skillshare, and her website. She also has a Youtube Channel that keeps her busy sharing her passion for art. Her mission is to help you find your inner artist with kindness, support, and reassurance! Kellie loves to explore and challenge herself with many mediums like watercolor, alcohol inks, resin, and more. You can follow her on YouTube, Instagram, and her private Facebook group to find out what new things she is exploring!


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