Watercolor Affinity 2 - Intermediate


Follow-up Course for Watercolor Affinity Seascapes. Intermediate course to gain more confidence with watercolors. Welcome to the Watercolor Affinity 2 class where we will explore the art of creating breathtaking seascapes and much more! Get ready to delve deeper into the world of watercolors and take your painting skills to the next level. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn at your own pace with unlimited access to a variety of video tutorials. Whether you prefer to watch them all in one sitting or spread them out over the course of six weeks, the choice is entirely yours. Additionally, we will be hosting weekly live Zoom sessions where you can engage with fellow students and practice your newfound skills. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to create stunning seascapes and other beautiful watercolor pieces. So, grab your paintbrushes, and let's get started on this exciting journey together! PLEASE JOIN THE WAITLIST!
Watercolor Affinity 2 - Intermediate

Watercolor Affinity - Take a peek inside!

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Watercolor Affinity, A Beginners guide to Seascapes,

    1. Watercolor Affinity 2

    2. Couple of things to share before the LIVE DATE!

    3. Material List

    4. Watercolor Affinity 2 - STARTS March 20th at 10am EDT with a LIVE ZOOM Meet and Greet!

    5. How to Navigate the Course Website

    6. REPLAY - Welcome Chat March 20th, at 10am

    1. Kick Off Examples of some fun abstracts

    2. Welcome to Week 1

    3. Where I started in the Exploration Journey.

    4. #1 Dreamscape - Part 1 - Quick and easy loose colors

    5. #1 Dreamscape - Part 2 - Adding some abstract flowers

    6. #1 Dreamscape - Part 3 Final Details

    7. #2 Dreamscape - Part 1 - Adding a background of colors

    8. #2 Dreamscape - Part 2 - Filling in the empty spaces

    9. Abstract - Trying to recreate a painting - Part 1

    10. Abstract Part 2 - Trying it again with slightly similar but different results

    11. Value Study

    12. Study - Fields of Yellow Part 1

    13. Study - Fields of Yellow Part 2

    14. REPLAY - WEEK 1 CHAT - Live Dreamscape Demo

    1. Week 2 - Painting Layers and Creating Depth

    2. Marsh Part 1 - Materials and project

    3. Marsh Part 2 - Sketching and light wash

    4. Marsh Part 3 - Painting the marsh and a few details

    5. Practice: Pine Tree Layers: Part 1 - Soft background layers

    6. Practice: Pine Trees Part 2 - How to create depth in your trees

    7. Practice: Pine Tree Part 3 - Adding final details for the POP

    8. Northern Pines Painting: Part 1 - Let's begin with the soft layers wet into wet background

    9. Northern Pines Painting: Part 2 - Adding layers of trees

    10. Northern Pines Painting: Part 3 - Creating the final details up front

    11. Practice: Mountain and Poppy

    12. Mountain Painting: Part 1 - Using Negative Space

    13. Mountain Painting : Part 2 - Let's begin adding some details

    14. Mountain Painting: Part 3 - Adding the final details and texture in rocks and snow

    15. REPLAY - WEEK 2 CHAT - Live Mountain layers looking at values

    1. Should we call them mistakes?

    2. Welcome to Week 3 - Play time - I'll take you through my thought process

    3. Can I save it?

    4. Doodles

    5. Let's take a look at some basic watercolor mistakes

    6. Practice Part 1 - Basic Birch Tree Shapes

    7. Practice Part 2 - Birch Trees - Playing with Colors and exploring

    8. Birch Trees Painting Part 1 - Beginning with simple trees

    9. Birch Trees Painting Part 2 - Time to add some fun color

    10. Birch Trees Painting Part 3 - Smaller trees in back

    11. Birch Trees Painting Part 4 - Adding black gouache for texture in the bark

    12. Birch Trees Painting Part 5 - Adding white gouache to soften

    13. Birch Trees Painting Part 6 - A few last layers with branches and then some splattering

    14. Birch Trees Painting - Final thoughts

    15. Let's make a Value Chart

    16. Over the Rainbow Part 1 - Going for a larger Dreamscape

    17. Over the Rainbow Part 2 - Don't like it, then wash it off!

    18. Over The Rainbow Part 3 - Made a lot of mud, so let's brighten things up

    19. Over the Rainbow Part 4 - Final Details with trees

    20. BONUS - Daffodil Flower

    21. Quick look at the Golden Ratio in a painting before ending the week

    22. REPLAY - WEEK 3 LIVE CHAT - Live Birch Trees and more practice

    1. Night Skies Part 1 - Practice

    2. Night Skies Part 2

    3. Starry Night

    4. Cosmo Sky

    5. Northern Lights Part 1 - Pre-wetting your paper

    6. Northern Lights Part 2 - Adding our first light wash of color.

    7. Northern Lights Part 3 - Details

    8. Northern Lights Part 4 - Final Details

    9. Northern Lights Part 4 - Final Details

    10. City Skyline at night

    11. Cityscape Night Sky Part 2 - Sky Background wet in wet

    12. NIghttime Cityscape Part 3 - Painting the city

    13. Nighttime Cityscape Part 4 - Soften the clouds and add a darker layer in the city

    14. Nighttime Cityscape Final Details

    15. Moonscape

    16. Moonscape Part 2 - Painting in the background and trees

    17. Moonscape Final Details - Stars with Bleed proof white

    18. REPLAY WEEK 4 LIVE, Wed May 24th, 2023

    1. Storm Clouds Black and white

    2. Dramatic Clouds - Perspective

    3. Dramatic Clouds - First wash layers

    4. Dramatic Clouds - Adding the final details

    5. Sunset Part 1

    6. Sunset Part 2

    7. Mixing experiment for a bright dramatic sky

    8. Trying Something Out - Bold and Bright Dramatic Sky Fun

    9. DREAMatic Clouds Part 1

    10. DREAMatic Clouds Part 2

    11. DREAMatic Clouds Part 3

    12. DREAMatic Clouds Part 4

    13. DREAMatic Clouds Part 5

    14. Quick Lesson with Brusho Paints - Part one wet into wet

    15. Brusho Part 2

    16. REPLAY WEEK 5 LIVE, Wed May 31st, 2023

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"Watercolor Affinity Seascapes Review".

A Blessing to me!

Shelly West

Taking Kellie’s class was such a blessing to me! Her classes are wonderful and full of meaningful exercises and homework. I got SO motivated in her class. My favorite part was meeting each Sunday via Zoom to see what we all created throughout the week! You will gain some great tips and hints that will help you grow as an artist! I still get excited when I go back through our lessons and see all the paintings we all created! I will def be taking more of Kellie’s classes! If you are a beginner OR advanced, there is something for all levels! You won’t be sorry!

Highly Recommend!

Deb Taylor

Kellie is a great artist and teacher. She uses her excellent skills and talent to help others learn how to paint with watercolor. It was a pleasure to learn from her and I would highly recommend her classes for those who are interested. From beginner to intermediate Kellie is a great teacher and I’ve learned a lot from her classes.