What is the Watercolor Affinity Seascape Course?

A comprehensive step-by-step course that gives you all the basic skills to master watercolor seascapes. 6-week course with hours of Videos and program resources at your fingertips. Watch/ at your leisure along with BONUS LIVE REPLAYS.

By the end of Watercolor Affinity Seascape Course

You will be able to:

  • Choose the right Watercolor Supplies

    By exploring the different types of watercolor, paper, and brushes

  • Have A Better Understanding Of Techniques

    By practicing and testing out different options and methods to find out what styles you like best to fit you.

  • Experiment and Complete Full Seascape Paintings

    By using the right colors, textures, and brush strokes to create a visually appealing watercolor painting.

Watercolor Affinity - Take a peek inside!

Now Open as a Self-Paced Course!

Watercolor Affinity, A Beginners guide to Seascapes


  • 1

    Watercolor Affinity Seascape 6 Week Course - Self Paced

  • 2

    Week 1 - Watercolors, Paper, & Brushes

    • Welcome & First Assignment

    • Watercolors

    • Watercolor Paper and Surfaces

    • Brushes

    • Let's look at a Waterbrush : "Water pen"

    • Weekly Project: Testing and Practice

    • Weekly Project part 2 - Sharing a quick demo with Watercolor brush Pens

  • 3

    Week 2 - Color Mixing and Sunsets

    • Color Mixing

    • Making a Color Chart - Part 1

    • Color Chart Part 2

    • Color Mixing practice for sunsets

    • Winsor Newton Cotman Watercolor: Color Key Example

    • Weekly Project Part 1 - Sunset Painting

    • Weekly Project Part 2 - Dramatic Sunset Painting

    • Bonus - Sunset and waves

    • Sunset on Strathmore Watercolor Card -

  • 4

    Week 3 - Techniques and Applications

    • Techniques and Applications

    • More Watercolor Applications

    • How much water do I use?

    • Let's Practice painting soft and flowing waves

    • Weekly Project: Painting Clouds and Skies and soft flowy waves

    • Live Bonus painting Part 1

    • Bonus painting Part 2

  • 5

    Week 4 - Trees and Islands

    • Part 1 - Tree and Island Practice

    • Part 2 - Trees and island practice

    • Part 3 - Mat your minis!

    • Different color combos - Part 1

    • Adding a few more details this time - Part 2

    • Weekly Project: Ships Harbor, Acadia Maine

    • Bonus Project - Loose Fall Study

    • Bonus From Live Chat

  • 6

    Week 5 - Rocks and Waves

    • Practice Part 1 - Rocks

    • Practice Part 2 - Different ways to make waves

    • Practice Part 1 - Crashing Wave

    • Practice Part 2 - Crashing Wave

    • Weekly Project Part 1 - Rocks and Crashing Wave

    • Weekly Project Part 2 - Rocks and Crashing Wave


    • Stormy step 1 - Sketch

    • Stormy Step 2 - Wet into Wet sky

    • Stormy Step 3 - Water and sand first wash

    • Stormy Step 4 - Trees and island

    • Stormy Step 5 - Begin adding more details in the water

    • Stormy Step 6 - Pen and fine brush details

    • Stormy Step 7 - Final Details

  • 7

    Week 6 - Experimenting and Playing

    • Watercolor Sealant options

    • Part 1 Watercolor Grounds Seascape

    • Part 2 Watercolor Grounds Seascape

    • Fall Colors on Watercolor Grounds

    • Watercolor On Canvas Seascape Abstract

    • Final Weekly Project: Ravens Nest Part 1 - Sketch

    • Ravens Nest Part - 2 Sky and Water

    • Ravens Nest Part 3 - First Rock Wash

    • Ravens Nest Part 4 - Trees

    • Ravens Nest Part 5 - Cliff Opps!

    • Ravens Nest Part 6 - Beach Rocks

    • Ravens Nest Part 7 - Water Details

    • Ravens Nest Part 8 - Final Details

    • Homework and BONUS Offer - Private ZOOM session

    • Watercolor Affinity Survey

    • HOLIDAY BONUS REPLAY LIVE Part 1 - Ornaments

    • HOLIDAY BONUS LIVE REPLAY - Ornaments Part 2

    • HOLIDAY BONUS LIVE REPLAY - Painting Snow and Ice

Come Explore the world of Watercolors Seascapes.

We'll Cover, Materials, Techniques, and put it all to practice!

See what past students had to say about this course!

A Blessing to me!

Shelly West

Taking Kellie’s class was such a blessing to me! Her classes are wonderful and full of meaningful exercises and homework. I got SO motivated in her class. My favorite part was meeting each Sunday via Zoom to see what we all created throughout the week! You will gain some great tips and hints that will help you grow as an artist! I still get excited when I go back through our lessons and see all the paintings we all created! I will def be taking more of Kellie’s classes! If you are a beginner OR advanced, there is something for all levels! You won’t be sorry!

Highly Recommend!

Deb Taylor

Kellie is a great artist and teacher. She uses her excellent skills and talent to help others learn how to paint with watercolor. It was a pleasure to learn from her and I would highly recommend her classes for those who are interested. From beginner to intermediate Kellie is a great teacher and I’ve learned a lot from her classes.